Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I missed my one-year blogiversary on September 7th. My goodness how time has flown this last year. In many ways, related to my blog and crafting, it doesn't feel as though its been a year but in other ways related to my daily responsibilities, it feels like a long year.

It took me some time to settle into this blogging thing but now I feel like I've found my stride and I know why I'm doing it. And doing it day after day (most days) has helped me discover myself a little bit.

I've thought a little about blogging lately after reading this post and what she says about blogging. I think she hits the nail on the head when she talks about doing something to occupy yourself and discovering something more once you are there. Some days I've found I have lots of things I want to share and on other days when I can't think of anything worth sharing, my commitment to post helps me to discover what kind of creative ideas are going on in my otherwise task-occupied mind.

Its a creative outlet thats a little bit different than the actual knitting that first helped me begin but its one that I find really adds to my sense of self. Its a little bit different than journaling which I wrote about here because there certainly is a sense of writing for the public on the blog that you don't have when you write in your journal. In the end, all these creative pursuits help us a little further along the path to fulfillment and happiness daily.

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ThomGardner said...

Love you baby! Keep it up- proud of you for sticking with it. Any form of writing is good for the soul.