Sunday, January 25, 2009

Catch Up

The wise, domestic website of Flylady says "You are not behind, you don't need to catch up, jump in where you are." and I get peace from her words. But in this case, I do feel like I'm catching up, in the sense that my brain is catching up with time. So much has gone on in the last two months with holidays and houseguests, school starting up again and new sports seasons beginning, and my own mild but annoying illness, that I've spent a lot of time just processing and dealing with everything that needs to be done along the way. Now I think my mind is in the present moment and I can move forward with all my own creative pursuits.

Facebook is one thing that has taken up some time in the last week. Once you join, you become addicted and have to log on every few hours to see who has accepted your friend request, or responded to your message, or posted a new status. I find that after a week, I need log on only once a day to check on things. But what a great way to connect with old friends, I've found friends from high school that I never thought I'd catch up with and some that I wasn't even that close to that I enjoy corresponding with.

Also in the last month, my beautiful daughter turned 12 amid home-made clam chowder and a new ipod. She is turning into the junior-high schooler I always wished I'd been - pretty, confident and in charge of her own wardrobe. She also participated in the 6th grade concert playing her bass in the orchestra.

My son had his first basketball game yesterday and there is much improvement from 3rd to 4th grade play. Its not as hilarious to watch and they begin to look like they know what they're doing.

And lastly, there has been very little knitting but I was able to show my brother the sweater I am making him and all that's left do is block it and piece it together.

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